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One of the most important part of home decoration is your Living Room, make sure you have decorated it perfectly to force your relatives and well-wishers to say "wow". Rustic style can be very varied and interesting; it combines very well with other styles from minimalist to coastal. This style is perfect not only for country house but also for modern apartments because it makes any space extremely cozy. If you are decorating a living room, the easiest way to make the base for such design is a cool rustic fireplace, it can be decorated with rough stone or even with rough wood! Natural wooden floors and amazing high ceilings decorated with old wooden beams are the best start for a rustic room. Then choose furniture and accessories according to your taste and the style you want to combine with rustic. Rustic style can be masculine and feminine, minimalist and shabby chic, hunter’s retreat style and coastal – enjoy the gallery below and get excited how various a rustic living room may be!

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When you install any type of corner shelves or unit, you not only salvage valuable untapped space, you often make the whole room feel more spacious and airy. When you break the "squareness" of the room, it adds interest and charm to your decor. Not only that, but in some cases, using this area in this way can allow a room to have more than one function. For instance, a corner shelf unit for childrens toys can separate that part of your living room off for the kids while allowing you to reclaim the rest of it for toy-free relaxation.

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Coffee tables are also sometimes known as cocktail tables. But where did the name originate? I mean why not tea tables or wine tables. Is it because its the most popular drink in America and you just add it to "table" and it stuck ever since? Or is there more to it? Well lets first look on why coffee became the choice drink of America. Ottoman Turks introduced the beverage and the word "coffee" to Europe, where it eventually spread to America. Because of that some say that they also introduced the "coffee table" as well.

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The windows in your home are your connection to the outside world, and how you choose to dress them speaks volumes about your interior design style. Leaving them uncovered is a sleek, modern look for those who live in wooded or isolated areas. But for those of us who have neighbors, sidewalks and streets just a few steps away, that isn’t really an option. If curtains are too fussy for your minimalist furnishings and blinds are too blah for your modern taste, plenty of alternatives are available. Here are some modern window treatment ideas to protect your privacy while showing off your style.

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You can easily spread it across the most trafficked walkways in your home and enjoy long-lasting beauty from it. Because of its durability, rest assured that you will enjoy great value from this investment over the years. Cowhide rugs are each unique in their appearance, and this is because each animal they are derived from is unique. Some rugs have a solid appearance. Others may have color that is only sparingly broken up by other colors. Still others may be intensely bottled to create a bold effect. Color options run the gamut, and this includes black, white, buff, tan, grey and red. This gives you the ability to easily find a great color option that will look wonderful in your space.

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Savvy furniture choices, smart storage, and clever arrangements can help a small living room live large. When decorating and outfitting a small living room, pay attention to the type and scale of furniture, consider the way color can impact how large or small a room feels, and incorporate plenty of storage. To make the walls appear to fade into the background, paint the walls, trim, and ceiling the same (or very similar) white and choose sheer curtains that match. n small living rooms, inches matter, which is why armless chairs can be a lifesaver -- and a space-saver. Their slender-by-inches footprint can make the difference between enough seating and overcrowded.

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One of the best home décor living room ideas that is basically going to do justice to the space is the choice of a bold color to be used for the wall. Most individuals always shun away the saturated colors because these hues have the tendency to create some dramatic statement regarding their personalities. Now if you do not want to paint the entire walls with any bold color, you could definitely do some accentuations to it. There are plenty of accessories that you could utilize so that the room would appear a lot homey.

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Remember these containers need to be washed and dried once every three months. Whatever the ad reads in the newspaper, dust collects and even the camphor tablets fade out eventually. When buying these new containers, always have a plan in mind and a place where you can store them. You want to create less clutter and more space, not increase on it. There are so many other ways in which you can contain clutter and yet keep a very hip and happening house. Donate to the needy and other charitable trusts; pass the old clothes to the younger ones in the family. Every product in your house has a second use. Either as containers or can be used in day to day activities.

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Having great windows is a major plus in any home–they add character and provide much coveted natural light. Without window treatments, however, the space will look unfinished. Whether you choose blinds, cornices or curtains, windows are a good place to anchor the room’s overall design and inject your own personal style. Before deciding on a treatment, determine what function the window covering needs to serve and the aesthetic you want it to reflect. Is it for a home office? Blinds that block out glare from the sun are a good choice. Looking for an elegant touch to a dining room window? A cornice is a stylish option. Do you need privacy? Opt for an opaque material.

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Sometimes, instead of just filling in an otherwise unused part of your room it can become the focus of the room. A good example of this is when you install a corner TV stand, and then position your furniture around it. Suddenly, you have your own cozy viewing area. Another elegant solution to the corner conundrum is to install corner floating shelves. This provides you with an attractive and functional way to display collections and curios. This type of shelving provides you with less shelf space, but it can add a striking highlight to your room.


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